“I have been associated with 3F for more than 12 years. They treat us like family and I am happy that they are helping our economy grow by employing local youngsters.”

– Alhaji Razak Kasim, Tamale, Ghana.

“I have enjoyed great hospitality over the 11 years I have worked with 3F Ghana Ltd. They have the rapidest payment system and ensure their suppliers are always satisfied.”

– Alhaji Imoro Alhassan, Ghana.

“Our company has been importing raw Cashew nut from 3F Global Singapore Ltd and they are the absolute best in quality. Their services are exceptional and we hope to have a long term association with them.”

– Ms. Dinh Thi Nha Phuong Vietnam.

“La SARL 3F Burkina Faso utilise les meilleures strategies de marketing et ne fait jamais de compromis sur la qualite des products. Elle contribute egalement a notre economie en offrant des opportunities d’emploi aux jeunes chomeurs.”

– Kabore Soumail, Burkina Faso.

“I am a very satisfied buyer of Mello Matches, Mello Indian Rice and Papa Africa Rice. I love the quality of 3F products and I wish the company the best in all its ventures.”

– Madam Zinsou Pelagie, Benin.

“3F is a large and reliable enterprise with hardworking employees. They are a very cooperative company and we wish to have long term associations with them.”

– CV Agro Mega, Indonesia.