The first seeds of a philanthropic business model were sown by Shri Balakrishna Goenka, the honorable founder of 3F Industries Ltd. The legacy of our brand dates back to mid – 20th century, when the devout man made a humble beginning as a grocery and edible oil trader in South India. All through his lifetime, he strongly advocated ethical trade practices and displayed passion and commitment towards socially responsible activities. His ideology was effectively bequeathed to 4 generations and embracing his principles have helped us carve a niche identity and earn goodwill in every country we operate.

3F Global is a well-established commodity trading company which has its bases in economically aspirational nations such as West Africa, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Fair and ethical trade is a virtue close to our hearts and at 3F, we always seek to establish mutually rewarding relationships in the communities we work with.

We source the best agricultural commodities and employ stringent quality control measures to ensure that only the cream of produce reaches our consumers. Native farmers, who help our business thrive, are paid deserving remunerations and the quality of their lives are continually enhanced; thanks to our core guiding values.

Our consumer product business in West Africa has grown every day since its inception. 3F has created some of the most reputable brands of consumer products in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin. The absence of manufacturing facilities and resources in West Africa have motivated us to strive towards catering to the needs of consumers and providing them with the best quality products at the most economical price.

3F has also been creating job opportunities in middle-income countries and qualified locals are employed in our offices across these regions. This strategy has contributed, in a small yet significant way, to the socio-economic development of underprivileged communities.

Human-centric approach to business is the cornerstone of 3F and it has undoubtedly given us an edge over our competitiors. Adding another feather to our cap, Swabhimaan Foundation, our CSR initiative, is constantly touching the lives of many through a host of social welfare activities. This has further helped us gain recognition as a socially conscious brand at the global level. As we look ahead, we will continue to create smiles of gratification and rise by transforming the lives of our people.